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Credits or Cash January 31, 2005

Final Fantasy V - Fanfare for the Modern Man
Artist's Comments:To kick off our new submission format, here is everyone's favorite tune! This is the victory fanfare from Final Fantasy V. It's pretty basic, presented in both mp3 rendered, and cheesy but good midi formats. I tried both out on my phone, and they sound great. This is new and exciting, and I can't wait to see what everyone will come up with.
mp3 Staff Ringtone Submission classical

> A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a song speaks novels.

No idea what I was thinking of when I made the title. But it's funny, at least at 3am it is. Aside from that, I only have a small update this week. Our own Barieuph steps up to the plate to deliver the first ringtones for Sound Test. It's a very nice job done and good way to kick off the new format.

While the submissions may be slim, we have some other exciting news. First off, we have a functional archive. Hooray to that, and thanks to Foxworth for getting that put together for us. The catch is that it is mostly empty. I will be spending the majority of this coming Monday at home recovering from a Super Bowl-sized hangover, and I intend to spend most of my time updating the archives.

The last order of business is that next week will be the first official Sound Test "Sound Seminar" on Wednesday February 8th, at 8:30pm EST. This will be is a meeting in IRC (#operahouse on EsperNet) where we can gather to talk about the art of remixing, how to get started, listen to works in progress, and other topics of this nature. This will be run by barieuph, although I am fairly certain I will be there with my works in progress for the discerning ears of the public. So come on down, drop by, shoot the breeze, and talk some shop with us. I should mention that if you have a work in progress you want to share for this, but nowhere to host it, I will host it in a private folder here for reference during the seminar. Simply send an e-mail with [Sound Seminar] in the title. Until next week, take care and submit submit submit!

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Feb 8, 2006. 8:30pm in IRC, #operahouse on EsperNet

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