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Ottis Media January 10, 2006

Matthew 'barieuph' Russo
Secret of Mana - A Walk in the Forest - Sheet Music
Artist's Comments:This is another one of my short remixes that only took about 2 hours to write, edit, and such. It's a pretty adaptation of What the forest taught me, for piccolo and piano. Getting the flute articulations precisely the way I wanted them took some time. As for the mix, it's a bit of a journey, a stroll if you will, through the mysterious but funloving forest until you finally emerge from the forest. Included is sheet music in score and parts.
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> A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a song speaks novels.

It's barieuph again! One downfall to working in a public school system in the beginning of January is that winter is in full force and I find myself getting sicker and sicker. Working with the younger kids K-2, makes me value soap so much more. Older students aren't as bad but I still seem to contract the latest bug going around the school, in this case a common ear infection. Fumble! Ottis Media for me, but luckily some media for you as well, though not as infectious, it will probably get stuck in your heads for a spell.

It seems no one wants to keep our inbox happy but myself. I bring you another short mix that only took a little time for your listening and viewing pleasure. However, we need more content from readers like you. Take a stab at it and just start remixing something. If you played violin for 1 year in elementary school and all you can play is Mississippi hot-dog to the tune of Barret's theme, then record yourself and send it in! We want you.

For the past few weeks we've been promising you readers new ideas and content, and again we must do the same. However, what's to come is going to be a great thing for Sound Test, RPGs and maybe even the world. So, I wouldn't go that far, but indeed great things to come. Keep reading, listening, composing and enjoy your week! Until Next time.

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