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Open to all patrons of RPGamer, Sound Test has a monthly remix challenge, involving some aspect of video game music utilized in role-playing games, whether it be music from a certain game or specific themes from a game. File-type requirements follow the standard rules for submissions as found in the guidelines. There is no limit on the number of pieces a remixer may submit.

The challenge of each month will end by the posting of the first update of the following month, at which point a new challenge will be initiated. Although a challenge might have ended, remixers are welcome to use past challenges to inspire new works.

Challenges may be replaced for spans of time by larger scale competitions. The competition format will general be used instead of challenge when there is some form of prize being awarded.

Current challenge:
Mar 2005 - X-box/Pc Remix

Past challenges:
Jan-Feb 2005 - No Challenge; Sonic Revolution Competition
Dec 2004 - Battle Theme
Nov 2004 - Good and Evil
Oct 2004 - Favorite Character
                  2: Hallowe'en
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