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Once again another year come to an end, and with the end of the year comes the big reset button. You know which one I'm talking about. It wipes the slate clean and lets you begin anew again. Or it at least stops your save file from being erased when turning off the power on your NES. All depends on which reset your talking about.

This week brings the end of not just the year, but the month and therefore the remix contest, 'Remix a battle theme'. I sadly must report that there is no winner, since its hard to have a winner in a contest that no one enters. So, to that end I will hopefully be making some changes to the contest format to entice more entries out of my loyal submitters. Changes you will have to wait until next year to find out about. Insert evil Kefka laugh here.

This week, despite the lack of contest entries, we do have two submissions. Our first submission is the third of the month for Daragen, a remix of the world of ruin theme from Final Fantasy VI. Secondly, we have a mix from 2nd time submitter, Christian Pacaud, who brings us a remix of the themes from the forbidden continent in Final Fantasy VI as well. Both pieces are very enjoyable to listen to, and amusingly they fit very well back to back, almost as a progression through the game. Its nice to here Daragen on his native instrument, since his previous submissions were breaks from the norm for him. Christian's style is excellent, managing to utilize screeching guitars without coming off as cheesy or artificial.

Well, that about wraps up this update and this year for that matter. Before I close I just need to ask one thing for future submissions. Please make sure to put the word 'submissions' somewhere in the title. I get an unrealistic amount of spam, so I like to search through the mail looking for keywords. Thanks in advance. With that, I just want to wish everyone the happiest of new years, and I'll see you in 2005.

Remember, Sound Test now has a designated IRC chatroom on Espernet, #operahouse. Be sure to read the RPGamer IRC guide for more information.

Music Submissions -

This week's audio selections
mp3 rock Forsaken World (Final Fantasy VI)

This is the theme that plays in the World of Ruin, and in Narshe in the world of ruin. When I used to play the game years ago this tune annoyed me, but after a while it grew on me to become one of my favorite tunes from this game.

It also goes from normal volume to loud, so don't turn your speakers up too loud :) (You've been warned!)

While making this arrangement, my intentions were not to make it balanced out, or perfectly constructed. I was trying to emulate a destroyed world where nothing was in balance. Keep that in mind while listening :). But it's ok, I like girls.

mp3 rock Battle on a New Continent (Final Fantasy VI)
Christian Pacaud

I've had this remix posted on VGMix for a while now and for some reason I totally forgot to submit it here. Anyway, seeing that the December challenge is to remix battle themes, it reminded me to submit it.

This is quite different than my first remix, a solo piano arrangement of Celes' Theme, also from FF6. Quite simply, it's just another facet of my musical interests, which is the heavy metal / progressive side... So, for those looking for screaming guitars and double bass, you've found the right remix !

I can't remember exactly how I came about starting to work on this. I just remember liking very much the themes from the flying continent part of FF6 and somehow I heard them recently and thought "New Continent" was screaming for a metal remix, and here it is. Actually, this is a melting pot of a number of themes from that part.



Most Wanted
   Submissions. And a Happy New Year.


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