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Five-er   05 Jan 2005
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Ever see people talking on walkie-talkies in movies or TV. You almost always hear a 'niner' in there for some reason. For some reason that was stuck in my head while I wrote down today's date, which is the 5th day of the 5th year. I thought the number five deserved some love, so now instead of niner in walkie-talkie speech, I have official proclaimed 'Five-er' to be its replacement. Yes, I have lost my mind.

I think the loss of mental facilities is due to lack of sleep. You see, World of Warcraft is a sinister mistress and will consume your life if you play it. While playing yesterday, I typed in /played to find out that at level 45, I have accumulated 11 days and 11 hours playing the game. That is 275 hours, which averages out at about 6 hours a day since the game came out. Please, call for help.

Despite this frightening addiction I have, I present to you today this weeks solo submission. Joe Walker, better known as CyCo PL, has brought us his take on two battle themes from Final Fantasy VI. The heavy metal style he uses if very befitting of battle themes, and definitely gets the blood flowing for battle. Its a very solid piece and I say everyone should listen in and get their headbanging on.

With the new month's arrival, it is time for a new monthly challenge. But instead of a challenge this month, I will be presenting to you a grand contest, one of epic proportions. Entries will be sent in, judging will occur, and glamorous prizes will be given. Unfortunately there is some red tape I need to work through before letting the whole cat out of the bag. Next week I will have full rules and regulations up and ready for you. But until then, I will say this about the contest. It will be open genre, and Mp3 will be the format of choice. So get those creative juices flowing, tell your friends and neighbors, and stop in next week for the official announcement.

Remember, Sound Test now has a designated IRC chatroom on Espernet, #operahouse. Be sure to read the RPGamer IRC guide for more information.

Music Submissions -

This week's audio selections
xm rock Battles of Mt. Koltz (Final Fantasy VI)

"Battles of Mt. Koltz", it is a heavy metal medley of "The Decisive Battle", "The Fierce Battle", and "Mt. Koltz" from Final Fantasy VI

This is something I tracked a few years ago, mainly influenced by the metal bands I was listening to a lot of at the time. Starts off with "The Decisive Battle", kind of jumps into some filler I wrote to help stick the songs together better, then jumps into "The Fierce Battle", and then goes into "Mt. Koltz". I had been thinking of submitting this for a while, but never had the guts to put it up in public... But I noticed that the monthly challenge this month was battle themes, and I've got two of those in this piece so hopefully that works.


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