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In a Handbasket   03 Nov 2004
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Many people around the world were keeping watch on the election results at some point in the past twenty-four hours. I hope everyone who was eligible to vote actually did so; if you could have, were able to vote and didn't, shame on you!

With Bush remaining in office, I'm sorta hoping the next four years pass quickly. I would have felt the same for Kerry if he won (since in my eyes, they both suck), so don't think I'm just another Bush-hater--I'm a Kerry-hater, too.

Oh,! Tomorrow is the deadline to send your curatorship applications to either Castomel, ASV, or me. If you've been waiting to send it, stop waiting.

Some good remixes were sent to me this week. First, Keven Kelly has submitted a choral arrangement on one of my own arrangements, a touching nod to my coming departure from Sound Test--the gesture is greatly appreciated Keven. Second, boardie Jormungand has created a remix to fulfill the past month's remix challenge, using Cloud Strife of Final Fantasy VII as his subject. It's a big file, but it's worth the time to download.

Alrighty, it's time for a new challenge! I've changed some of the regulations of the challenge, since it's just too much to offer two challenges per month when Sound Test receives so few submissions per week anyway. Anyway, here's your challenge:

Create an at least two-themed remix, synthesizing the ever-ubiquitous tension between good and evil in RPGs. For example, one might consider using a 'good guy' theme from Final Fantasy IV and someone combining it with Golbez' theme. The two (or more) themes do not necessarily have to come from the same game (nor even the same series), so for an extra challenge, try to combine themes from two or more games to reconcile the differences between how each game musically treats the concepts of good and evil. This is going to be a difficult challenge to meet, so do your best! It doesn't have to be as complicated as I've described it, but don't think you can arrange something just by slapping two themes together and seeing the cacophony it creates (which could be pretty cool, though)!

Music Submissions -

This week's audio selections
MIDI Classical Tribute to Trick (Final Fantasy Adventure)
Kev Kel

When I first learned that Trick was resigning, I was moved to the point of quickly arranging a very short tribute piece to the memories he's brought to us, the inspirations he's created, and wonderful music he has composed.

The piece I arranged for him was his own arrangement, 'Rising Sun', As a gentle choral piece. Unfortunately, it is stuck in shoddy Midi form, and is hardly fitting for the memories of Trick, but it is my own 'farewell' submission to him, a good-bye present, a monument of sorts.

mp3 Classical Cloud Strife, Symphonic Biography (Final Fantasy VII)
Jormungand - website

While Cloud is not necessarily my favorite RPG character, I still found him to be intriguing enough to see how I might tell the story of his complicated life through music. Uematsu's themes were very simple but strong, and that allowed for all kinds of options as to what the finished product could sound like. In the end, there was less planning and more impulsive writing on my part. Anyway, this is essentially a medley of various themes from FFVII, all of which I feel are significantly tied to Cloud in some way. See if you can guess them all! Also note that the volume is a bit low, so it may help to turn up your speakers when listening.


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