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With a Voice August 31 - October 4, 2005

Welcome to round 4 of the Splendid Performance competition. Audition Round 4: With a Voice.

In this round of the competition, the theme is to utilize some form of vocals within the submission. Now, while this does seem very limiting at first, it not as constricting as it might seem. The submission can be a remix of a song with lyrics, whether they are original or were in the song to begin with. Alternatively, a piece with sung melodies or harmonies would also be acceptable, either using recorded voice or samples. Even spoken word, taken from the game and put overtop of the music, will satisfy the theme. The theme score will be based on how well the artist does in getting the vocals into the piece. Should you have any questions, please feel free to email the curator. Good Luck!

Few entries to be sure, but they are all deserving of the spot they receive in the final round. First up, with top honors is Darangen with is Falling back. With its original lyrics and rockin feel, it took a unanimous first place. Following up with 2nd place is the compilation by Rexy and Majin_San, Another boat song. Here, we have the original lyrics put down over some stylistically original music. Lastly, we have Facelessman rounding out the three with his incredibly soothing Final Fantasy 2 piece, A Time of Peace. Using a chorus instead of individual voice or lyrics, Facelessman expresses the peace that exists for all the towns members.

Thanks to all who showed interest in the round, even those who found out about the competition to late. Also, a big thanks to Matt 'Wonderslime' Demers, who not only stepped up to judge on his first week working at RPGamer, but he completed the trinity of Matt here as judges.

With a Voice entries
Entry Matt - Wonderslime Matt - Barieuph Matt - Redbeastmage Total Score Judges' Comments
1. Falling Back
by Darangen
2. Another Boat Song
by Majin_San and Rexy
3. A Time of Peace
by Facelessman

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