RPGamer's Year 2000 Awards

Welcome to RPGamer's inaugural Best and Worst of the Year Awards. We all know other sites have been doing this for some time, but how can sites that cover everything really decide which RPG was the best? As the leading online authority for console RPG for almost three years, and a growing presence with PC RPGs, RPGamer is the site that truly knows who deserves recognition.

The year 2000 has filled our homes and our lives with countless solid RPGs from many companies big and small. We saw Enix return to America for the first time in over seven years, releasing three solid RPGs; four games overall. Sega continued to gain support for their games and their console against the overwhelming Sony domination of the console market. Square released one game after another, month after month, setting a pace that may never be matched. Working Designs continued their quest for perfection with two stellar games, and Atlus finally made a true RPG for the Nintendo 64, as well as other great titles. Many companies released RPGs for the first time in 2000, some claiming high marks, and some showing their promise, but also much work needed before they really get the hang of it.

So, without further delay, it's time to present our awards for the year 2000. We have 15 categories in all to choose from. RPGamer would like to personally thank every company who released an RPG this year. Whether they won an award or not, the effort to enrich our lives should not be forgotten. Enjoy the show.

 · RPG of the Year
 · PlayStation RPG of the Year

 · PC RPG of the Year

 · PlayStation 2 RPG of the Year

 · Best Music

 · Best Gameplay

 · Most Fun to Play

 · Best Dialogue

 · Dreamcast RPG of the Year

 · Game Boy Color RPG of the Year

 · Nintendo 64 RPG of the Year

 · Best Graphics

 · Best Battle System

 · Best Plot

 · Letdown of the Year

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