Game Boy Color RPG of the Year
Dragon Warrior I&II RPG of the Year

The Game Boy Color is the latest in the longest running handheld series. After almost years of neglect, the Game Boy, Game Boy Pockets, and later Game Boy Colors were brought to life with the Pokémon craze. With the latest Pokémon title, Gold/Silver, breaking not only the sales records for a handheld, but sales records of all time, one would assume the choice would be easy for this award.

But this award is about quality, not quantity. When it comes down to deciding this award, the number of copies sold doesn't matter, what does matter is what was put into them. Dragon Warrior I&II surpasses all the other titles this year for the handheld. With two simple, yet solid story lines, Dragon Warrior I&II brings back to life the original games that started the memorable series. Not content with 8bit ports, Enix remade the graphics from the ground up, taking advantage of the Game Boy Color's advantages from the days of the Nintendo Entertainment System.

The true reason Dragon Warrior I&II deserves this award is because of the completely new translation done by Enix of America. For the first time ever, on this side of the Pacific, the stories are now in the exact manner Yuji Horii meant them to be originally. Even those who have played the games back in the 80's will find new meaning in what used to be a fractured story. With Nintendo learning from past mistakes, and allowing Enix to truly translate, RPGamers may finally understand what makes the entire Dragon Quest/Dragon Warrior series so grand.

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