Nintendo 64 RPG of the Year
Ogre Battle 64 RPG of the Year

Ogre Battle 64 is the one thing the Nintendo 64 has been lacking for some time -- a true RPG. Now before everyone brings up the Zelda series, the basic fact is the latest Zelda games have been more adventure than RPG. While the Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask is a fine game in its own right, the clear winner of this award was Ogre Battle 64.

Ogre Battle 64 is a tactical RPG, where the player will control multiple units on the battlefield in order to capture a certain structure in the area. To stop the troops' advancement, assorted opposing military factions will block the paths with their own units. If the current base is lost, then the game's over. Retreat is not an option. Planning ahead, army creation and deployment are the only keys to victory. When battles, commence, both sides unleash all the power they can muster, in a fast paced, flashy display of spells and attacks.

If that isn't exhilarating enough, add to the action a story packed full of betrayal, vengeance, greed, love, and hatred in the quest for the ultimate power. One who can control this power can finally bring "peace" to the land. The creatures of the land are plentiful and varied. Humans, dragons, griffins, demons, undead and many more will fight on all sides. More and more classes become possible as the journey continues, making Ogre Battle 64 likely the most complex RPG to date. All these reasons, and many more found in our review, are the reason why we feel Ogre Battle 64 is the Nintendo 64 RPG of the Year.

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