PlayStation RPG of the Year
Final Fantasy IX PSX RPG of the Year

There were a good many incredible PlayStation RPGs this year, which makes this award very hard to decide. Any of the runner-ups could have easily won the award for best RPG, including some not even listed here. But in the end, it was the combination of incredible graphics, an awesome story and the nostalgic charm of the Final Fantasy series which sealed our decision. Final Fantasy IX is one of the best games to come along in a good many years, which is why it earned the PlayStation RPG of the year for 2000.

Rather than following the recent trend in RPGs to cast aside clichés of the genre, Final Fantasy IX embraces them. The result is not one of the most original or daring RPGs ever, but instead a culmination of the series. Square continues to set the standard for awesome RPGs, both in terms of technical and artistic marvel. Whether in a futuristic world with spaceships and time shifts or a world with knights and damsels in distress, Final Fantasy still reigns supreme.

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