Final Fantasy IX  
Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy IX represents a return to the style of older Final Fantasy titles. The characters are shorter and less realistic, and the party is composed of four characters, not just three. Final Fantasy IX contains wizards and knights and many other old-school elements that have not been present in the previous PlayStation incarnations of the Final Fantasy games.

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Square (PS1) Japan
Square Enix Japan
Square/EA (PS1) US
Square Enix US
Infogrames (PS1) Europe
Square Enix Europe

  Release Date  
07.07.2000 Japan
02.10.2016 (Mob) Japan
04.14.2016 (PC) Japan
09.19.2017 (PS4) Japan
11.14.2000 US
02.10.2016 (Mob) US
04.14.2016 (PC) US
09.19.2017 (PS4) US
02.16.2001 Europe
02.10.2016 (Mob) Europe
04.14.2016 (PC) Europe
09.19.2017 (PS4) Europe
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