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Skies of Arcadia RPG of the Year

Lately, RPGs have experienced a trend of experimentation. Tactical RPGs are everywhere recently. Tri-Ace proved it was possible to make a side scrolling RPG with Valkyrie Profile, Square's Chrono Cross cast aside experience points, and Shenmue delved the depths of realism. Our award for the best RPG of 2000 however falls to the highly traditional Skies of Arcadia.

Set in a world of pure air, where islands float freely in the sky, air above and air below, pirates and undiscovered lands are everywhere. Take control of Vyse, a young pirate of sorts with a sense of honor as he explores this world. As the game proceeds, your actions and words shape your reputation. Whether history remembers you as a pathetic coward or the stuff of legends is all up to you.

What is it that makes this game so great you ask? Simply put, it's the care and effort that goes into every aspect of the game. The characters are charming and unique. The dialog is lively, witty, and sure to induce a chuckle now and then. Exploring the truly 3D world is both exciting and rewarding. Once you have your own airship and secret base, they become highly customizable. Perhaps best of all is the highly strategic and innovative airship to airship combat.

Regardless of why they start playing, Skies of Arcadia is the sort of game which makes people literally jump for joy and cackle with glee. In what may be the best year ever for RPGs, it truly deserves its title as The Best RPG of 2000.

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