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Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete Best Dialogue

Dialogue is always a critical element to the success of a game. The manner in which characters speak and interact is what drives a title's story, and brings the player further into the gaming experience. However, nowhere else in the video game world is quality dialogue as imperative as in an RPG. In this genre, good dialogue is not just important, it is often what classifies a game as epic. Flat or boring conversations will quickly drag any game to a halt, while such powerful and classic phrases such as "Why do you yearn to live knowing all things must surely die?" can brand the experience into your mind forever. This year, Lunar 2: Eternal Blue brought us this manner of exemplary dialogue, and we cannot help but put it in a class above the rest.

Whether it's Lucia's childlike wonder at the world she's arrived in, Ronfar's churlish one-liners, Lemina's insatiable thirst for wealth, or Ruby's smart mouth, the dialogue in Lunar 2 did something wonderful: it breathed life into each one of these pixelated adventurers. Every line is carefully scripted, and works to flesh out the story and lives of the characters we meet. The writers at Working Designs have created a truly fantastic localization of this title, bringing to life such vivid characters that players will empathize with every situation they get themselves into, and feel every emotion along with them. In this lies the amazing power of an RPG's dialogue, as it allows us to fully enter the game's world. Lunar 2: Eternal Blue is certainly one of the most outstanding titles of the past year, and is deserving of RPGamer's award for Best Dialogue of 2000.

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