PlayStation 2 RPG of the Year
Summoner RPG of the Year

As the first handful of PlayStation2 RPGs were released at the end of last year, RPGamers got their first glimpse into what the next generation of the genre is destined to bring. Fortunately, along with the next level of graphical advancement, outstanding story and gameplay were not left behind. Bearing fantastic plot twists and complex party structure, THQ's Summoner is the winner of RPGamer's Best PlayStation2 RPG of 2000.

The storyline which weaves its way through Summoner is brilliantly worked, with party members who come and go, plot twists that lie around every corner, and dark secrets hiding in everyone's past. The game's combat system offers real-time battles, and an arcade-like combo system that keeps encounters from getting dull. Showing off the PlayStation2 engine, characters move fluidly, attacking and parrying with great realism, and battle effects spread wildly around the scenery and landscapes. Add to all this the fact that the lead character can summon both monsters and new party members out of thin air and Summoner is an awesome experience.

Not only did Summoner give fans and idea of what the PlayStation2 was capable of, it also brought elements to the console which had previously been almost exclusive to PC RPG titles. With such varied and intricate storylines, an enormous world to explore and gorgeous effect graphics, this is the top of the current PlayStation2 RPG titles, and it serves as a good indication of what advancements we can look forward to in the games of the coming year.

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