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Shenmue Best Graphics

The choice for the Best Graphics of 2000 is by far the easiest to make for these awards. Never before has any game come close to the sheer realism found in Shenmue. Just glancing at any given moment in the game shows a shockingly realistic portrayal of the world. From facial features, to fading asphalt, to koi swimming in a pond, everything is completely lifelike.

The attention to detail is mindblowing. During normal gameplay, one can clearly see the creases on characters' hands, the movement of their jaws, lips, and tongues as they speak, and even the individual stitches on a woolen sweater. People aren't the only ones to receive such treatment, either. One day it may snow, leaving large drifts on street corners. Over the next day or two, this snow can be seen melting into slushy piles and washing away. Every object in the game, especially those in the protagonist's house can be picked up and examined from all angles.

Perhaps more impressive than the details are the camera angles. Even when running about in a cramped, twisted maze of warehouses and crates, facing fifty opponents at once, at night, there is a clear, unobstructed view of your character and his surroundings at all times. This amazing feat simply calls for a round of applause.

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