Most Fun to Play
Final Fantasy IX Most Fun to Play

This is another challenging award to hand out. How can we define a fun RPG? Is it the pace of the story, or rather the play control in battle? Or maybe even how difficult it is? The answer lies somewhere in the middle of all of that, and it's hard to come up with a definite winner for this category because peoples' definition of fun varies so widely. That said, the winner has had eight games before it to get things right, so Final Fantasy IX is not a surprising winner.

Square has been doing this for a long time, so they know what RPG fans want. Final Fantasy IX has a splendid mix of pacing, battle system, accessory system and mini-games to satisfy any RPGamer's thirst for fun. It's the type of RPG where you start playing at noon and the next thing you know it's dark outside. It's the type of RPG where you forget the fact that you have a social life. Final Fantasy IX entertains the player through and through, and for this reason; it wins our year 2000 award for Most Fun to Play.

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