Letdown of the Year
Alundra 2 Biggest Letdown

This is the award that can be entirely out of the control of those who made the game. To be a letdown, there has to be hype about the game in the first place. For most cases, the most letdown will occur for a sequel, as three of our four choices happen to be. However, the RPGamer Letdown of the Year award has to go to Alundra 2.

Alundra was a game that really had all the right parts, and therefore people expected grand things from its sequel. Instead, Alundra 2 was almost like an unfinished product. The change from 2D to 3D was crudely done, with broken polygons and simplistic backgrounds. The controls to view the new 3D world had many problems. The gameplay of Alundra has always been to move faster than the enemies trying to kill you. Taking the time to adjust the camera angle because it is being blocked is almost sure death. The half-hearted, confusing story about someone not even named Alundra makes people wonder why the name was chosen at all. Had the story been not called a sequel, and then not been given the Alundra name, the expectations would not had been so high to begin with, and it simply would've passed as another mediocre RPG that didn't quite make the grade.

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