Parasite Eve II  
Parasite Eve II

It has been three years since the outbreak in New York City. All has been relatively peaceful, until a new outbreak of mutants appears in Los Angeles on 09.09.2000. Help Aya Brea once again stop the mutants from achieving their goal -- extinction of the humans.


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  Release Date  
12.16.1999 Japan
09.12.2000 US
08.25.2000 Europe
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·Parasite Eve II Coming to PSN 08.22.2011  
·Squaresoft Releases Parasite Eve II 09.13.2000  
·Square Finalizes Chrono Cross and Parasite Eve 2 Release Dates 06.16.2000  
·Parasite Eve 2 Casting Call 12.09.1999  

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