Square Finalizes Chrono Cross and Parasite Eve 2 Release Dates

Squaresoft's "Summer of Adventure" has started off with a bang, considering the success and popularity of the recently released Legend of Mana. The next three months look to be just as successful for Squaresoft, with the releases of Threads of Fate, Chrono Cross, and Parasite Eve 2. In an effort not to keep anxious gamers in too much suspense about the releases of their upcoming titles, Square has announced the official release dates of Chrono Cross and Parasite Eve 2, which had only been speculative until now.

Chrono Cross is set to hit the U.S. on August 15, and Parasite Eve 2 will arrive less than a month afterwards, on September 12. As a reminder, Threads of Fate is the next Squaresoft title to ship and will arrive on July 18. RPGamer is unaware at this time if these release dates will apply in Canada as well. As many of our readers already know, Squaresoft's Vagrant Story and Legend of Mana faced delays in Canada due to instruction manual translation issues, and similar delays may possibly be in store for Square's next three games as well. Stay tuned to RPGamer for more information on this as the information becomes available.

by Andrew P. Bilyk    
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