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Repeat Sign October 3, 2006

Elliot Guisinger
World of Warcraft - Soundtrack Review
Reviewer's Comments: Since World of Warcraft was first released in late 2004, the game has been a global phenomenon. Demolishing records and absorbing awards like a magnet run over iron filings only barely scratches the surface of World of Warcraft's accomplishments. So it follows that the soundtrack which breathes life into the game should be just as good.
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The Legend of Zelda - Medley
Artist's Notes: This song was recorded LIVE on July 31st 2006 for an upcoming live DVD release for Armcannon. The song is a medley of tunes from Zelda 1 and 2. The band consists of 2 guitars, keyboard, bass and drums. The style of music has a progressive metal vein to it. Check out our website at
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> Without music, life is a journey through a desert - Pat Conroy

Another week, another update. I begin to wonder if I've been doing this too long when I actually start to accidentally reuse update titles. No lie, this update was originally the same as an update from about a year ago. Must be something in the October air that makes me want to use the same title. But fear not, I resist the urge.

This week, Sound Test brings you a fresh soundtrack review and a rockin' game medley. Elliot 'Carlisle' Guisinger shows up with a World of Warcraft soundtrack review in tow. Only months (and man do I hope it's only a few months) before the release of 'The Burning Crusade,' Elliot gives us his impression of the music of the most widely played MMO of all time. Following that up we have a fantastic live recording from the band Armcannon. A video game themed band, they sent us their Zelda medley, comprised of music from the first two games. An excellent piece that shows the many musical faces of the NES era Zelda.

All said and done, I think we had a good week this week. We have a minor backlog, as I just stumbled upon another submission while writing this. What is it you ask? You'll just have to wait until next week to find out!

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