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Quintal Frustrations September 19, 2006

Matt Russo
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars - Froggyring
Artist's Notes: This is an excerpt from my "Froggystyle" that was shown a few weeks ago. Works great on a cellphone! Download away.
ringtone Staff Submission mp3

> Without music, life is a journey through a desert - Pat Conroy

Quintal chords are very interesting chords. I've been reading about them lately; Hindemith wrote about them in the Craft of Musical Composition. Stacked fifths sound boring, but the sound they create is so unique and can be quite beautiful. However, with them come their own frustrations. I've been running into a few snafus with the sound I want from the chords on the piano. Oh well, I guess you'll hear how that turns out soon enough.

Well back to why y'all came to Sound Test this week, the sounds! We have a sole ringtone from, yours truly, excerpted from my Froggystyle. It works quite well on a cellphone as a ringer or a wake up call after a mid-afternoon nap. Give it a download on your new mp3 phones that everyone seems to have nowadays.

Anyway, it seems we've hit a dry spell for the semester, though it's not uncommon with the onset of the semester. What are you thinking doing homework? You should be writing for RPGamer. Just kidding, I do wish you all well on your studies, music or otherwise, but continue to create music, and if you can please send it into RPGamer! We miss your creations!

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