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Walkin' on Sunshine August 22, 2006

Rexy and dasaten
Secret of Mana - The Twelfth Nerve from the Closet
Artist's Notes: This was a project that was undertaken between Dustin (dasaten) and myself for much of last month, where we ended up recreating "The Second Truth from the Left" from Secret of Mana with a fair chunk of live instrumentation and whatnot. To break it down, he did the bass and guitar parts, while he left me to do the synth and wind instrumentation (whistling, recorder and panpies if you want to know). While it may not be the most polished track on a productional basis, I saw it as a fun project for us both to go through, and I hope those listening will also appreciate it in the same fashion. Thanks for the approach :)
slow rock General Submission mp3
Final Fantasy VI - La Danza Decisiva
Artist's Notes: This is one of the earlier remixes I attempted.  I was happy with the arrangement for the most part, but the orchestration and production weren't so hot.  Later, I went back and "updated" it, redoing some of the orchestration, with better production and expanding upon the arrangement somewhat.  I didn't set out to totally reinvent the tune, but rather a fun cover with my own twist on it -- plus, an organ solo never hurt anyone.  Not to my knowledge, at least.
rock General Submission mp3

> Without music, life is a journey through a desert - Pat Conroy

It's that time of week again, and boy is it a good week. Beautiful weather, a great few days for me with my marching band (2 days, 2 songs worth of drill learned), a trip to PAX approaching soon, and best of all, a mailbox bursting with submissions. Well, maybe not bursting, but I have two remixes up for you today, with more on material on deck for next week.

So, enough with the small talk and long run on sentences, on to the music. First up this week, we have resident submitter Rexy teaming up with dasaten for a very interesting remix from Secret of Mana. While Rexy mentions it being a bit rough around the edges, I feel Rexy is being a bit modest, and what roughness may be there works to the tune's advantage. Following that, we have Chrondin submitting a remix from Final Fantasy VI. This piece sticks very close to its source song with a lot of flair in the instrumentation. Personally, I love the organ solo she uses in the song, which I highly recommend everyone check out.

Hopefully everyone enjoyed this weeks submissions, and I encourage everyone to check back next week, for it will be a super-sized update. Before you go, I also want to point out that fellow staffer Michael "Macstorm" Cunningham was nice enough to put together a review archive for our soundtrack reviews. So let's all thank him and put the archive to good use.

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