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Swing August 15, 2006

Ian Eller
Final Fantasy VI - The End
Artist's Notes: Actually, this was originally going to be part of a three-song remix of FFVI sweetness, but I arranged each movement separately and, consequently, they all ended up sounding completely different, so I've turned this -- which would have been the end of my previous attempt -- into its own song. I only bothered to cover the slow, organ-y part of Kefka's Dancing Mad because a) I don't like how the rest of the song sounds and b) I'm too lazy. I didn't do anything outrageous here; it's pretty much straightforward stuff. Think of it as...noisily atmospheric, maybe?
slow rock Staff Submission mp3
Liv Sommerlot
Final Fantasy IX - Jesters of the Moonless Night
Artist's Notes: Nothing extravagant, just a sheet music transcrpition for piano of "Jesters of the Moonless Night"
sheet Staff Submission zip

> Without music, life is a journey through a desert - Pat Conroy

Howdy y'all. It's Redbeastmage, back from a week off. I'm sure everyone enjoyed Barieuph's solo takeover while I was out partying it up.

This week, we're giving Bari a week off and have some other staffer's who send in submissions. First is previewer Ian Eller, with a nice remix of a part of Dancing Mad. Following that up we have our Roundtable host, Liv Summerlot, dropping off some sheet music from Final Fantasy IX.

In some rather big news for Sound Test this week, we have a working submission archive now. A work in progress for far to long, it is now at your disposal. It's up to date since my supreme reign began here, and we are backtracking slowly through towards the origins of the music section at RPGamer. I believe we have 04' through 06' implemented 100%. I'll be sure to keep you posted as more is definitively added.

For next week, we already have a small backlog, but don't let that deter you from sending in your submissions. I love getting to post more then 2 items a week.

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