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Keys and Words August 3, 2006

Dustin Naegel
Ultima IX: Ascension - Stones
Artist's Notes: "Stones" is a famous tune from the Ultima series I'm totally fascinated by this great piece since I played "Ultima IX: Ascension" back in 99. I've recorded a pretty stoned piano version myself. ;-)
piano General Submission mp3
Dragon Avenger
Chrono Cross - Hallucination of Another World
Artist's Notes: Retlaf of the OCRemix forums had written an arrangement to this piece, and with his permission I recorded vocals over the piece using the main melody. The lyrics focus on finding one's self and one's purpose in life, as well as focusing on parallel realities.
piano General Submission mp3

> Without music, life is a journey through a desert - Pat Conroy

Phenomenal. Just absolutely wonderful. After a brief summer drought in submissions, this week I've got not only two full remixes up to offer, but some more tucked away in the backlog for next week.

The theme for this week seems to be piano, with some vocal accompaniment. Our first submission comes to us from overseas in Germany, where Dustin Naegel sends us a piano solo remix of an Ultima IX tune. Following that up we have a vocal piece set to piano submitted from Dragon Avenger. The originality added to this Chrono Cross tune really shines as an example of how new life can be brought to a often remixed song. Two excellent, highly recommend mixes here this week.

An excellent week and a great way to kick off August. Hopefully we can keep up the pace. I'll be doing my part to get some back-end overhauling done, since I've got a week off from my day job and not much else do to coming up. Until next week, keep up the great remixing!

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