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Sad Day in Graceland March 28, 2006

Matthew 'barieuph' Russo
Secret of Mana - Techno Mana Tree
Composer's Notes: This is the arrangement of Fear of the Heavens from my Piano treatment about a year ago. Back tonight in electronica fun for your cellphone. This one came out pretty well, and it sounds nice on a cellphone in both formats. Enjoy!
mp3 Staff Cellphone Submission techno
Matthew 'barieuph' Russo
The Legend of Zelda - Link's Fanfare
Composer's Notes:: Here is the second to last in my series of SNES favorites and classics to come to the cellphone. Expect the last submission to be from Chrono Trigger, and unless any more strike me as necessary I'm going to move to more tunes I'd like on my phone rather than tunes that are a necessity for life. That being said here's a fun arrangement of Legend of Zelda's main theme. My advice is to set it for when you have voicemail, it's long so you won't miss it. Note: Mp3 only for the moment. My apologies to those looking for the midi file, next week, promise!
mp3 Staff Cellphone Submission techno

> Without music, life is a journey through a desert - Pat Conroy

Barieuph here. Spring break has ended and I've come back to the wonderful life of classes that I enjoy oh so much. My classes are starting to become ridiculous. For example, in my English class we're spending four weeks on Elvis and reading different stories written about him and for him. Today we had a big reading assignment due with quotations and bias and the like, and I walk into class and the teacher shouts "We're watching RoboCop! Turn in your papers at the end of class." How Elvis or Off. Murphy are going to help me with my grammar is beyond me.

However, the world of music continues to be pleasant. This week we see a dry spell in our inboxes, probably due to all of our readers spending an extra week to make all of their submissions extra special for when Matt returns next week. Right? Remember to include "Submission" somewhere in your subject line so that the lovely spam filters don't gobble your submission up.

Moving on, we bring you two more ringtones for your cellphone. You should have enough now so that even your grandma has her own special ringtone. Matthew 'barieuph' Russo's Fear of the Heavens Piano gets some electronic botox and comes out a whole new person. This one works great as an alarm clock as I've noted over the past few days. Additionally I put together a small fanfare from The Legend of Zelda. Both are fun ringtones that always make my phone a pleasure to answer.

So that rounds out the end of this week. Sound Seminar will be in mid april and we will accept works in progress from all three of Sound Test's submission types: Music, Ringtone and Soundtrack Review. Remember, even though Kingdom Hearts II came out today, Sound Test will never stop rolling, so neither should you. Finish up that submission before you sit down to join Sora and the gang. Have a great week.

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