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Breaking March 7, 2006

Chrono Trigger - Peaceful Reminiscence
Artist's Comments:This is an arrangement of Chrono Trigger's "To Far Away Times."  I was just kinda sitting at my piano earlier and I thumbed it out of the blue. My mom insisted I record it so she could listen to it in her car, so being the semi-obedient son I am, I did just that. I don't know why I started playing this, it just came to me for whatever reason. It was done in one take, so any mess-ups are a result of that
mp3 General Submission piano
Dragon Avenger
Final Fantasy VIII - Find Your Way - A Capella
Artist's Comments:A request from someone to do the dungeon of FF8 after hearing the You Can Hear the Cry of the Planet, it took me longer to complete this one, having a wider range, longer overall track, and more parts.  This piece only suffers from the lack of the "piano" part that comes in at 0:26  which is unfortunate, but it's near impossible to record that and have it actually sound good.  Still a lot of fun to make, and a good challenge to pass away a couple days in the summer. 
mp3 General Submission voice

> Without music, life is a journey through a desert - Pat Conroy

Well, I'm quite excited as I am writing this, as my spring break is just days away. However, those days seem like an eternity when the barricades known as mid-terms are put into place. However, I believe that I can rise up and overcome them, much in the same way your ordinary teenage RPG protagonist rises to the challenge of saving the world.

Ok, so maybe it isn't that daring of a feat, but I analogy came into my mind and I ran with it.

This week we have two submissions from two of our regular submitters. First up to the plate is the extraordinary Michael "Darangen" Boyd with a piano remix from Chrono Trigger. Just listening to it, it sounds amazing, but then to read that it was something that simply popped up and was done in a single take is just staggering to me. Makes me think I really should learn to play the piano. Following up Darangen is Dragon Avenger with another vocal treat for us. A very interesting use of layering voices to create an a capella work that really stands out as original. It definitely gives me some ideas for mixes of my own, since I do sing.

That's about all for now, my apologies for the late update. Next week should be an action packed update, full of drama and suspense. Or, alternatively, filled with music. I think we would all prefer the latter.

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