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Music Sighting February 21, 2006

Disgaea: Hour of Darkness - Baroque Netherworld
Artist's Comments: To narrow in on one influence would be an injustice. Classical music influenced me on this one. It's likened to a Bach Govotte however, there are many "un-bach-isms" throughout the piece. It was fun to use Tenpei Sato's fun theme. Enjoy! Sheet Music to follow!
mp3 Staff Submission piano
Matthew Foster
Zelda 2: The Adventures of Link - Sunken Temple
Artist's Comments: I started working on a remix from Zelda: The Adventures of Link quite some time ago. All I knew about the mix was that I wanted to use the temple theme. So, as always, unsure of the direction I want to take with this piece, I started with a straight transcription of the temple theme. While my work has progressed further, I decided that I would take the transcription and make a nifty little ring tone out of it. The sounds are a default patch in Reason, and I liked the submerged/drowning sound that it gave the theme.
mp3 Staff Cellphone Submission piano

> A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a song speaks novels.

Have you ever been listening to music, nothing video game related, just the radio, and thought you heard something from a video game? And then you have a double take, and wonder... Hmm. Nah, it couldn't be. Or could it?

What exactly am I mumbling about? Well, it's this. What exactly is that you ask? Well, it happens to be a clip from a Story of the Year song, "Take Me Back." However, when I heard it, all I could think was Chrono Trigger. Am I losing it, or do you hear it too?

Anyhow, on to more rational things. This week we have another mix from Matt Russo, this time back to his more traditional style. The site's first remix from Disgaea, and definitely an impressive one. Following that, I decided to work up a little ringtone using the temple theme from Zelda: The Adventures of Link. It's nothing special, but I want to try to avoid a week without a ringtone. I figure I like having lots of custom ringers, so I bet everyone else does to.

That about covers this week. Send in your own ringtones, remixes or soundtrack reviews for next week. I look forward to posting them.

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