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Just Flew In December 14, 2005

Andy Lusk
Final Fantasy VII - Aeris' Theme
Artist's Comments:I am applying to York University in a few weeks and this is one of the pieces I recorded to submit with my application.  I really liked how it turned out and I figured this was the perfect place to share it with peopleŠI just converted some sheet music I found on the net to guitar, more or less, and it came out sounding like this.  If you deem it worthy, please, send it to the ears of the masses so that we might rejoice in sorrow again and remember the brunette beauty and her tragic slaying!
mp3 General Submission classical
Final Fantasy VI - Aria de Mezzo Carettere
Artist's Comments:I loved the opera scene in the game, but their version of the singing was horrid.  I always wanted to hear a true english adaptation to the song, and despite that their own translation didn't really fit the song well, I was able to tweek it enough that it did fit.  My friend georgasmaster did an amazing job arranging this piece, especially with the limited resources he had for classical music.  There are some intonation issues that I may (someday) fix, though it probably won't happen any time soon.  Hope you enjoy! 
mp3 General Submission classical

> A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a song speaks novels.

Well, I just flew in from my short family vacation in Florida. I can tell you a few facts about Florida, as it compares to New Jersey. First off, it is much warmer. Secondly, Florida is not as cold. Lastly, New Jersey is about 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit brisker. The reason for my fixation on the cold is that is that I got on a plane where is was 63 and when i got off, it was 16.

Enough about me. This week we have a few submissions for you. First off we have a guitar solo rendition of Aeris' theme by Andy Lusk. A very nice rendition, hopefully it will serve you well in your audition. Following that up we have Dragon Avenger who lends some english vocals to the classic Final Fantasy VI Aria de Mezzo Carettere.

Since it is December, I would request that if anyone has any holiday themed RPG remixes sitting around that they are working on, to shoot them on over as some festive music would be be great to have over the next two weeks. I am off to dive into about four thousand words worth of essays and papers I have due for this lovely finals week.

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