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Pirates or Ninja November 23, 2005

Front Mission - As Her Memory takes to the Sky
Artist's Comments:When pondering on what to remix as a submission for the final round, the chord progression of "Within Living Memory..."from Front Mission just sort of found it's way into my sequencer.  Imagine that.  Still, whether the beginning of this endeavor was planned out or completely spontaneous, I'm glad I finally got to sit down and arrange one of my favorite compositions from one of my favorite composers--miss Noriko Matsueda.  I think I was going for a quasi-trip-hop feel in the first section, although it came down to much less of a distinct background sound than I had wanted.  Fortunately, I think I made up for any misgivings about the first section with the second, a jazzy, downtempo piano solo underlined with a laidback acoustic drum part.  Hopefully my rendition of Kalen's theme adds a new dimension to the beautiful original, and perhaps even open up more ears to Matsueda's music.
mp3 Splendid Performance Submission classical
Final Fantasy VI - Transfiguration V1
Artist's Comments:Here's my submission for the final round. Certainly not the safest formula for winning a contest, but hey, like the great Austin Powers said, I like to live dangerously. So, it's a calm, ethereal, almost minimalist take on Metamorphosis from FFVI.
mp3 Splendid Performance Submission classical
Patrick Waters
Final Fantasy IV - Polonaise mistienne
Artist's Comments: Started and completed in only a matter of days, 'Polonaise mistienne' is a Chopin-esque spin on Rydia's theme.  Principally, only a short part of the theme is used and developed through a series of variations on its opening motif, however the Trio section finally presents the theme in its entirety over a running bass line based on the 'Prelude' arpeggiation.  Other themes from 'Final Fantasy IV' make subtle and brief appearances in similarly transformed guises (most notably 'Golbez, Clad in the Dark' and 'Troian Beauty').
mp3 Splendid Performance Submission piano
Final Fantasy - Finally Home
Artist's Comments:With the original theme, it always seemed determined and threatening to me, as well as melodic and solemn.  So, in regards to the competition guidelines, I went for the extreme opposite feeling for this, making it carefree and cheerful.  This theme is originally used in the Final Dungeon of Final Fantasy, but I feel my arrangement would best suit the ending credits as they're scrolling down the screen.  I gave it that peaceful and hopeful for the future vibe and I think it fits well.  The working title for this song was originally "Overjoyed", but I thought "Finally Home" would give it more meaning towards the ending credits feeling :).
mp3 Splendid Performance Submission rock

> A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a song speaks novels.

Pirates or ninja. I am not sure which it was, or maybe it was a combination of both, but my mail was a mess this week. I was looking forward to opening my mailbox and having tons of final round submissions, but when I checked yesterday, I only had four. So I did some searching, found two more in my spam box. Then I emailed everyone I didn't hear from and have since had two more submissions reach me. So I am up to eight out of my expected twelve entries, which is good enough for now. Hopefully the rest of the contestants get my email or see this and resend the files.

For today, I will post the first half of the submissions that have been received, to let everyone get a feel for what the competition is packing. We have the two runners up from the first round, and then the 1st and 3rd place from the second round. Excellent submissions, and I can say that there is more amazing work to come next week. I would love to let you hear it now, but I live for suspense.

So, hopefully my email will be more reliable from here on out, for the rest of the contest submissions, as well as other general submissions. So enjoy the music and look forward to next week's music and the results of the Splendid Performance competition.

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