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Sleepless in the Studio November 2, 2005

k-wix and Rexy
Kingdom Hearts - Key of Destiny: Part 1 and Key of Destiny: Part 2
Artist's Comments: Howdy folks, this is Rexy again. This week I will come forth with the first collaboration that I ever took part in, thanks to k-wix who managed to chip in with the opportunity 8 months ago. This is a medley of tracks from Kingdom Hearts, all written for Solo piano. Part 1 depends more on some of the lighter themes from the earlier portions of the game including Dearly Beloved, A Day in Agrabah and the Gummi Ship music, while Part 2 holds some of the themes better suited for the end of the game including Hollow Bastion, Guardando Nel Buio and Always On My Mind. In comparison to the VGMix version the mastering has been refined a great deal, and has been split into two separate MP3s for easier listening. It was a great experience working with k-wix on this, and who knows, we may even come together sometime again in the future :D
piano General Submission mp3

> A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a song speaks novels.

Welcome to the shortest Sound Test blurb in my history here at RPGamer. As the title suggests, I have been running with little to no sleep lately and today is no exception. The long and short of it is that in the last four days, I have slept a total 8 hours, and no more then 3 consecutively. People who say that the life a musician is simple, well, they are big fat liars. Long hours and deadlines are part of the deal, so adjust now. I know I am trying.

This week Rexy digs into her archives to find her first ever collaboration remix, which was done with the fantastic k-wix. The remix is a medley, broken into the two parts for thematic references. Of course, I'm not telling you anything Rexy didn't already mention. So I will tell you this. Download and listen. It is well worth the bandwidth.

Nothing else to say this week, other then to remind the listeners to dare to be creative and try your hand at remixing. Also, to all those in the final round, only 3 weeks left until submissions are due. I look forward to hearing them, and I'm sure the audience does too.

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