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Quad Powered October 19, 2005

Matthew Russo
Final Fantasy VI - Atop the Gathering Place
Artist's Comments:This is a tune inspired by my piano class and a long night in the Practice Room. It is intended for a pianist who just wants to sit down and play some Final Fantasy themes, not for the pianist who wants to play Piano Collections style work. It's fairly basic except for some movement in the right hand in the second half. It's a midi right now because I might expand this to another ensemble or do a render later. Enjoy!
Piano Staff Submission midi

> A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a song speaks novels.

Quad Powered. Yea, I wish. It's inevitable that when you buy a computer, it will become outdated. Sometimes slowly over time. But in my case, it was in one fell strike. Apple just released new, quad processor G5s, and just like that, my computer was outdated. Oh well. My computer still rocks, it's just not the most rockin thing on the block anymore. Not by far.

Enough of my whining though, on to the music. This week sees a single submission by our own Matthew "barieuph" Russo. He brings us interesting mixture of Final Fantasy VI tunes in a midi piano medley. Very well thought out, and easy enough to learn and play along with, even for a newbie pianist like myself.

Unfortunately, that's all the music for this week. Maybe it's the fall semester getting to students, or long days at work, or something, but submissions have been very slim so far these last two months. So if you have something written you have been thinking about submitting, or ideas for a submission, I implore you to act on it. No one wants to come to sound test and not hear music, least of all myself. So lets all get to writing, staff and listeners alike, and hope for many music filled weeks and months to come.

Oh, and I almost forgot. The final round of splendid performance, Reborn Meaning kicks off today, for all the artists who auditioned and made it. So far, all but 2 have responded, so it looks like a very good turnout will be coming for this round.

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