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A Feast for the Eyes Sept 20, 2005

Matt Russo
Secret of Mana - Fear of the Heavens
Artist's Comments:There is not enough Seiken Densetsu lovin out there. Here's a shout out to all those who loved this game. The main theme was probably my favorite, so I went with it. This is one of my first RPGamer pieces, now in PDF and JPG sheet music for all your piano playing ears!
Sheet Music Staff Submission Sheet Music
Matt Russo
Final Fantasy VI - Shades of Grey
Artist's Comments:This is a piece that I had a great time writing because I was allowed to explore several different styles. At the end I had a little fun but it was all good. Here is a zip with JPG and PDF files for your enjoyment. Have fun with this one guys!
Sheet Music Staff Submission Sheet Music

> A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a song speaks novels.

Well, it just gets harder and harder to keep up to date with things. School has been beating down pretty hard on my free time, as well as my new job as a marching band instructor. And I'm guessing that I'm not the only one. Seems that everyone lately has been busy, espcially the music community. At least, that is what I gather, from my empty inbox.

Or empty of submissions I should say. I did recieve a few emails regarding sheet music from a few people who enjoyed the posting last week. So, to give them more of what they want, my musical partner Matt Russo here has some more sheet music, both from earlier pieces of his. The first is from Secret of Mana, the piano solo which he was his first staff submission. Following that, he has given us one of his more recent pieces, Shades of Grey from Final Fantasy VI. Both are fun to play with on the piano. I recommend everyone with access to a keyboard give it a shot.

Before I let you go, I feel that I would be remiss if I didn't post about Blizzard's Original Song Contest. An original song contest, which asks "for some talented musicians to create an original song based on Diablo, Starcraft, or Warcraft." As a fervent World of Warcraft player, I look forward to taking a stab at this contest, and think others should as well. While it says original music, if you read through the rules page, in all its boring glory, you will find the special bonus line that reads "the music used in the submission must either be the entrantıs original musical composition and performance or music from the Blizzard Products.".

With that community news out of the way, let me remind everyone that next week is the last week for submissions in the final qualifying round of Splendid Performance, so make sure you get your entrys in!

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