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Sinus Cephalalgia August 31, 2005

Ian Eller
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Time to Kill
Artist's Comments:What possessed me to do this I will never know. One night I just sat down and though, "I wanna redo a vg song." So I did. This being my first attempt, and since my skills as a musician are rather lacking, I picked a simple melody to alter: The Temple of Time, from Zelda 64. The style is...different...from the original, and it's probably not for everyone, but fans of heavier music should like it.
mp3 Staff Submission rock
Castlevania: Circle of the Moon - Time's Anxiety
Artist's Comments:emember this incarnation of the Clock Tower theme?  Yes, that was my audition piece for Around the Square, now in its original MIDI format.  I can admit that it was tough to glue some of the parts together, but as a whole I can say it was an enjoyable experience working on this thing.  See you in the finals, and for those that aren't, please give in your greatest efforts in the fourth audition :D
mp3 General Submission classical

> A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a song speaks novels.

First day home from my vacation, and what happens? Incredible sinus headache and sickness. So, yea, that's what the title means. I just wanted to find an exotic word to say headache, and that is what I came up with. I hope you enjoy your new word of the week. Your assignment is to use it during regular conversation with someone and see how they react.

This week sees two submissions, the first from our very own staff member, Ian Eller, who brings us a Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time remix for his first foray into the musical realm here on RPGamer. An interesting piece, I give Ian a lot of credit for the work he has done here and look forward to another peace soon. Following that, we have Rexy's second place entry from audition 3 of Splendid Performance, now in its original MIDI form. Its amazing how much of the MP3's complexity can be heard in the midi. Amazing work Rexy.

Well, that will be all for this update. I need to get to bed and hopefully be rid of this cephalalgia. Hehe, such an awesome word. Stay tuned to RPGamer as I will soon be unveiling a feature on the Penny Arcade Expo I just got home from, which had quite a bit of RPG exhibition goodness.

Oh, yea. Here is the information about Audition 4 of Splendid Performance. You didn't think I was gonna forget, did you?

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