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Training Days August 16, 2005

Ezekiel Morgano
Bahamut Lagoon - Yoyo
Artist's Comments:Princess Yoyo's theme from Bahamut Lagoon
mp3 General Submission rock
Michael Zasadzinski
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Prelude
Artist's Comments:Anyway, yeah, the title sucks. Sorry about that. But I think this is easily my best work to date, both in terms of arrangement and production. I got Cubase SL and QLSO silver, so everything's a huge step up from the old Reason based stuff, needless to say. Although I still used Reason for the clarinet sounds, since a lot of QLSO's woodwinds are out of tune. A shame, since the rest of the library is so fantastic. This piece comes mostly from Ocarina of Time, with some Wind Waker and aLttP thrown in for good measure. Hope you enjoy!
mp3 Splendid Performance Submission techno
Keven Stephens
Quest for Glory III - Pool of Peace
Artist's Comments:In a fit of procrastination, I began work on this piece much later than I intended to. I knew that this is what I wanted to work on, but I just never got around to it. Fast forward to the day that everything's due. I whipped something together out of this piece, but the arrangement and sequencing took some heavy blows because I waited so long. Ah well.
mp3 Splendid Performance Submission classical
Nick Tam
Earthbound - Fourside Hilton
Artist's Comments:Earthbound sees Ness and his companions brave deserts, jungles and zombie-infested shanty towns, but always is there a more civilized place to pass a night as one adventure leads to another: that bastion of modernity, the hotel. Here is music to befit the lobby of a five-star metropolitan resort, upscale lodgings to comfort our noble heroes and restore some much-needed HP and MP - for a price, of course. The eight-bar morning glory of the Keiichi Suzuki minor motif that signals an overnight port of safety envelops the bustling big-city Fourside melody in this improv piano feature over the Latin bounce of a tuxedo trio, a welcome mat for the ears of the wealthy. Check in and check it out.
mp3 Splendid Performance Submission jazz

> A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a song speaks novels.

Its been a very busy week for me, and the next looks only to be busier. Besides regular work, playing the new Graffiti Kingdom, and working on sound test, I have begun to train fervently for Penny Arcade's Omegathon (3rd post down) in two weeks, where I stand to win the items in the bottom pictures. Of the five games in the competition, Quake and Katamari are what I'm working on most since I'm confident in my abilities for the rest.

But enough about me, lets get on to the music. This week's first submission is a bahamut lagoon mix, from Ezekiel Morgano. An interesting mix, with a bit of exotic flair to it thanks to the shaker and the percussion thoughout it. Following this mix are 3 contest submissions. First of them is Zelda remix from Michael Zasadzinski, possibly better known as Standing Man over at VGmix. Up next is Kevin Stephens, who we saw last in round one of Splendid Performance, bringing us RPGamer's second ever and second consecutive remix from Quest for Glory. The last remix comes from Nick Tam, bringing us a funky fresh Earthbound remix.

These submissions really make the competition for this round fierce and interesting. I look forward to seeing what the outcome is when I compile the results for next tuesday. With that said, its back to Katamari craziness for me. Good luck to all who are waiting on the results. Until next week, try to endure the suspense and work on some submissions.

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