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The Lone Wolf July 27, 2005

Stage 3-1
Legend of Zelda - Legend of Zelda: Main Theme
Artist's Comments:This is the Theme from the Legend of Zelda performed by Stage 3-1. Which is Weston Sagle(Guitars), Kevin Beswick(Bass), Weston Sagle (Drums with FL). You can check out for more stuff.
mp3 Splendid Performance Submission rock

> A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a song speaks novels.

Hi everybody! Save your simpsons quotes for another day. Matt 'barieuph' Russo here bringing you guys up to speed what's happening with Sound Test.

This week, the group Stage 3-1 brings us our only entry. our lone wolf of the week. However, it's a contest entry, so Stage 3-1 are the first to join the competition. Stage 3-1 brings us an interpretation of the Legend of Zelda Main Theme, with a more modern, twist. It's really a pleasure to hear. A reminder to all interested in Splendid Performance to please send in your entries!

With this I leave you with one lone entry. Your regular curator will return next week while I take a little vacation. Keep writing and Good luck to everyone thinking about entering Audition Three of Splendid Performance. It looks to be a very exciting round.

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