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Reinventing the Wheel July 19, 2005

Josh Brown
Final Fantasy VII - You Can Hear the Cry of the Ancients
Artist's Comments:Hello, RPGamer! This is my first submission, but not my first remix of a theme. Anyhoo, this is basically You Can Hear the Cry of the Planet with a bit of a change (first and foremost, there are drums in it rather than no drums!) and some rearrangement. Actually, this is how I would've made the theme had I been given the conductor's baton.
mp3 General Submission classical
Final Fantasy IV - The Return of Zeuromus
Artist's Comments:This track is a loose adaptation of Nobuo Uematsu's style and theme set to a full length, beginning to end 'Instrumental Rock' song.  The only piece that is actually taken from the original song is in the middle section (approx. 1:57 into the track), all other themes and compositions are completely original.  The arrangement of the song consists only of two guitars, one bass, and drums.  This track was designed to be both a tribute, and a revisitation to the original theme.
mp3 General Submission rock
Kingdom Hearts - Costa del Sora
Artist's Comments:Anyone remember this variation on the Destiny Islands theme from the past audition?  Like I promised, here's the original MIDI that I rendered and used to get help around the OC ReMix boards for the mastering.  Even though I didn't pass this time I'm still pretty much happy with the input that managed to come through with the composition, and who knows, I may even take it to new levels some day.
midi General Submission rock

> A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a song speaks novels.

Well, I don't know what's up with today's title. I had some kind of circle theme in mind, but the puns and jokes just aren't coming to me. So let me just explain to you what the title does relate to. That's the next round of the Splendid Performance Competition. Audition 3: Around the Square!

Hopefully, people remembered to come back to here after clicking the link. This week sees two new submitters and a MIDI submission of a two-piece audition. Josh Brown brings us a brief yet nifty take on a theme from Final Fantasy VII. Ryan "Zeroumous" Geiger gives us a kickin rock mix that incorporates the Zeromus theme from Final Fantasy IV. Finally, the unstoppable force of Rexy brings us a midi version of her Costa Del Sora, while she preps herself for the next round of competition.

I hope everyone enjoyed this down week between contest rounds. I know it was a bit less stressful for me. Anyhow, next week I will be away at a family reunion and my internet access is questionable. So, in case of my absence, you will see another person standing in for me to make sure you get your weekly musical fill. Good luck to everyone thinking about entering Audition Three of Splendid Performance. It looks to be a very exciting round.

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