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Jilted at the Inbox June 29, 2005

Chris Carroll
Final Fantasy VII - Cid's Theme
Curator's Comments:Some good ole classic metal treatment on Cid's Theme from Final Fantasy VII. Originally posted: October 20, 2004
mp3 Retro Submission metal
Justin Quesenberry
Xenogears - Yggdrasil Theme
Curator's Comments: A kickin, in your face, mix of the Yggdrasil Theme from Xenogears. Originally posted: September 15, 2004
mp3 Retro Submission metal

> A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a song speaks novels.

Hey everybody and welcome back to sound test. I apologize for my absence last week. Between some very bad internet issues, a bad week at work (1/5 of the staff quit) and the last week of my summer classes, I ended up not being able to get to updating until late Friday night. Then when I checked the inbox, I found no submissions. A very sad panda, I decided to just omit the week rather then throw up a empty update.

In even sadder news, the empty inbox continues to plague me through to this update. However, I refuse to give you nothing. So I dug deep and looked about the deepest depths of the sound test archive for some easy listening. And since I define easy listening as rock/metal, I bring you all a retro update, dedicated to some nice metal mixing. Also, it fits nicely into the theme of this round of the contest, which I would really love to get some submissions for.

Not much beyond that to say, other then a friendly reminder that submissions for Splendid Performance: Audition 2 are due on Monday, July 4th (happy holiday), by midnight PST. I am hoping everyone has just been waiting until the last minute with this round, and I will receive lots of inbox love between now and next week. Good luck to all those who are finalizing their submissions.

And more good luck to all the procrastinators who are still waiting to start. After all, us procrastinators need to stick together, at the last minute of course.

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