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Of Tales Both Long and Short May 24, 2005

Reuben Kee
Final Fantasy VII - Lifestream Overture
Artist's Comments: Here's a medley of themes from final fantasy 7. It was the first game I played which captured such feeling in the music and got me into playing the piano again. Themes which haven't been done in orchestration before, as well as themes that have. I'm going to try and cover the most memorable parts of the journey. This overture uses alot of different styles in both modern and oriental band and orchestration. Hope that you relive this journey with me.
mp3 General Submission classical
Patrick Waters
Final Fantasy - Contrapunctus
Artist's Comments: Composed under extreme pressure in three days, 'Contrapunctus' is a four-voice double fugue, the final project for an eighteenth-century counterpoint course I attended at my school. Presented here is a transcription of the fugue for organ; the samples used employ their own natural reverb. The overall form of the work is in four parts--a fugue on the 'Prologue' theme, a fugue on the Castle Coneria theme, a fugue combining the two subjects, and a coda/chorale on the traditional harmonization of the 'Prologue' theme. All answers are tonal, however the harmonic treatment throughout much of the fugue uses the 'modally diatonic' language present in my more recent original compositions (which could explain the funkiness of some expositions). Episodic material is mostly free-composed and occasionally uses stretto, although there are infrequent instances of augmentation and inversion.
mp3 Splendid Performance Submission piano
Sour Jovis da Dark Coyshephirt
Chrono Trigger - Too Cold to Go Outside and Walk Around Scene
Artist's Comments: As you probably can hear, it's a remix from Wind Scene by Yasunori Mitsuda, because Chrono Trigger has got great music, as most people will agree with me. This song is one of my favourites, and I found it sounded good on the key instruments I used for it. I'm calling it.... "Too Cold to Go Outside and Walk Around Scene"(catchy ain't it?) because it's supposed to sound like your watching a cold snowy and windy landscape or something, but that's for the listener to decide. It's mainly in 3/4, to make it sound different from the original, but I made a little switch to 4/4 for variety, and than back.
mp3 Splendid Performance Submission piano
Kevin Stephens
Xenogears - Knight of Fire
Artist's Comments:This one has a been a while in the making. I arranged this once before and that sucked. So I wanted to try again. I did, and it turned out somewhat okay, though very incomplete. Then came the RPGamer competition, Splendid Performance. I thought, "Hey, this should be an excellent chance for... uhh... this." So I finished it up and then sequenced it all, and here we are!
mp3 Splendid Performance Submission piano
Secret of Mana - Dark Star Scherzo
Artist's Comments: This arrangement of "The Dark Star" from Secret of Mana was an attempt to combine the breathtaking richness of Hiroki Kikuta's composition with the expressive passion and musicality of my piano idol, Masashi Hamauzu. As anyone who's heard the FFX and/or the SF2 piano albums knows, Hamauzu approaches pianistic design with masterful tact; his work defies mere transcription, reflecting the ebb and flow of a deep, colorful dream. Try as one might, there's really no way to mimic this man's depth. But heck, it was still fun. Thus, the transformation of the original composition from Secret of Mana is not unlike something Hamauzu might do, tearing down the old structure and starting from scratch, but all the while never once faltering to maintain the original's integrity and spirit. At least, that's what *he* would've done; I can only hope I accomplished as much.
mp3 Splendid Performance Submission piano

> A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a song speaks novels.

Well, glad to see you made it back after last week's E3 induced hiatus. I have to say, it has been a very busy, very hectic last two weeks for me. Having finished up school, I decided to change my work schedule, and while I like my new shift, it's hard to adjust to waking up at 4 am. That, on top of E3, made me really exhausted last week. Luckily, my week ended on a positive note as I managed to make it to the Dear Friends: Music from Final Fantasy concert in Connecticut. While I will probably write a full impression of the concert, the short version of it is this; I'm really glad my friend drove my car 105 mph to get there on time, because it was worth a near heart attack.

With all that out of the way, I am brought to the present update with tales of good tidings. Good tidings because not only are there a bounty of submissions, but today closes out the submissions for the first round of Splendid Performance. Unfortunately, due to my poor planning, the deadline isn't until midnight tonight, therefore there may be a submission or two that creep in by the deadline, but didn't make this update. The deadlines for future rounds will be amended and clarified so that confusion such as this is avoided.

This week's submissions really help bolster the first round competition. Four entries, very much varying in length, are here for your listening enjoyment. Starting out the group is former sound test curator Patrick Waters with a lengthy organ arrangement of different themes from the Final Fantasy series. Next is an entry from the enigmatic Sour Jovis da Dark Coyshephirt, a quick take on the a song from Chrono Trigger. Following that is Kevin Stephens' take on Xenogear's Knight of Fire tune on solo piano. Lastly is Jormungand's interesting rendition of the 'dark star' theme from Secret of Mana.

In addition to the contest entries, I also am very excited to bring you a real treat from Reuben Kee. His submission, Lifestream Overture is truly an epic work, measuring in at a little over 18 minutes in length. An excellent listen, I recommend to everyone to download, with caution that it is a very large file.

With that all said, I bring this update to a close. Until next week, when judgment comes down on the first stage of Splendid Performance, take care, and enjoy all the music.

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