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Tuesdays with Matty April 19, 2005

Patrick Waters
Chrono Trigger - Cogs in the Machine of Justice
Artist's Comments:I started working on this remix shortly after I received some toys for my computer that were both very new and very complicated with which to play--these toys of course being new samples for my beloved GigaStudio.  To keep things simple, a remix/arrangement for woodwind quintet seemed appropriate, keeping the size of the ensemble small and the texture easy to manage.  This is my first new, public remix since July 2004, and is also among my shortest remixes.
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> A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a song speaks novels.

Hooray for me, and my earliest update yet! Despite router issues, I am here to bring you music. And hooray for lame pop culture references in the section title. Especially when they involve me using the version of my name I most strongly dislike.

Before I get into talking about this week's submission, I want to apologize for how thin this update is. I have no intention of ever doing an update with less then one submission, but due to being late last week and early this week, the window of submissions was small. But next week's update will be amazing, I promise.

Speaking of amazing, this week's submission is stellar. A work from out dear beloved former Sound Test curator, Patrick Waters, from the ever popular Chrono Trigger. This submission offers a brief arrangement of the court theme, one of my favorite tunes in the game, where Patrick keeps it simple with his quartet design. Excellent work, and I am glad to see Pat has not left the remix community.

That's all for this week. Next week will bring lots of wonderful things, I can tell you for sure. You see, I got this job because of my omniscience, not my musical talent. Or maybe it was my musical talent. How should I know? Its not like I'm all knowing or something.

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