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Asleep at the Wheel. April 06, 2005

Final Fantasy VI - Deadly Promises
Artist's Comments: The other day a friend of mine and myself were resolving a conflict that has been going on for a few months now, and some promises were made. Now, if these promises were ever to be broken, the results would be catastrophic, even deadly (in a non-literal sense). Anyways, after that conversation, this tune started rushing through my head and not much later I had the basis of my next remix, hence the name "Deadly Promises".
mp3 General Submission rock
Matt Russo
Xenosaga 2 - Febrona for Piano
Artist's Comments:I've been playing through Xenosaga II, and while I personally don't feel that the music is as good as it it's predecessors, there are a few redeeming tracks on the Soundtrack. This one hit me as a piece with a lot of emotion and soul poured into it. Taking place during a critical sequence in the show, I felt immediately drawn to the music and began to work on a simple arrangement. I have a feeling I'll be revisiting this one soon. I hope you enjoy.
mp3 Staff Submission piano

> A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a song speaks novels.

So another week goes by, and I am pressed tight by numerous classes, as my semester comes to its final month. And in an effort to purchase my new computer, I have been working more and more. The result leads to me falling asleep on my computer while was writing the update. No joke. I word up with the keys imprinted on my face. Not fun to get off.

So, that said, I apologize for my lateness and will cut to the chase. This week, we have yet another submission from the amazing Michael 'Darangen' Boyd, as well as another from sound test's own Matt 'barieuph' Russo. Both composers have done fantastic jobs with their pieces. Darangen brings us his 'mad guitar skillz' in a arrangement of Terra's theme from FF6 and Barieuph brings us our first mix from Xenosaga 2, a moving solo piano piece. Excellent job both of you.

Before I go, I want to congratulate Salivator on winning the PC/Xbox remix challenge from March with his Baldur's Gate remix. Salivator will be receiving a copy of the Black Mages album, as prize for stepping up to the challenge. As for this months challenge, I have opted to go back to the larger scale official contest format. This coming contest promises to be HUGE, and I plan to really iron out the details before I unveil anything. With that said, get back to mixing! We need more submissions, for the music hungry public.

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