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PC Pandemonium March 23, 2005

Baldur's Gate II - Fair Brynnlaw
Artist's Comments:This is a celtic arrangement of Pirate's Isle, the tune that plays in the background of the beautiful port town of Brynnlaw, from Baldur's Gate II. The original is a very short piece, at under a minute long. I tried to stretch it out a bit and give it a more uplifting feel.
mp3 General Submission classical
Matt Foster
World of Warcraft - Tavern Solo
Artist's Comments: I wanted to remix something from World of Warcraft, and it struck me as odd that the tavern music is the same for every inn throughout the game, regardless of race. I thought that was a bit fishy. So I began work on some alterations. I have more planned for this piece but I thought a piano wasn't a bad way to go with it first.
midi Staff Submission piano

> A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a song speaks novels.

Another week comes at sound test, and I am proud to say this week, we have two games receiving their first sound test treatments. The first piece is a remix of the Brynnlaw town music from Baldur's Gate II. Salivator does an excellent job with his mix creating a very celtic feel throughout the piece. Also, I would like to commend him on expanding a piece that is very short without mindless looping. Excellent job.

The second mix is another PC mix from the enormously popular World of Warcraft, done by your beloved sound test curator. Modesty aside, I didn't have any intention of submitting this. I actually had planned to take a different approach to the piece, but my other idea lacks polish and I'm not happy enough with it to submit. But, having promised a remix, I set to work to at least get a nice simple midi out. More remixes in similair vein to this song are coming soon.

I know this was a rather short update, but I have little to say as I have fried myself today between a big mid-term and sleep deprivation. One word of wisdom I can give you is this: when you want to remix a song and you have put yourself on a deadline, it's dangerous to play the game to hear the music. In my case, it almost resulted in having no mix, although I am a level 59 warlock now.

Soundtracks. Stick to soundtracks. Much safer.

Matt 'barieuph' Russo
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