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Fermented Green Beverages March 16, 2005

Reuben Kee
Final Fantasy VIII - I am Ultimecia
Artist's Comments:I remember listening to the final boss battle themes nonstop for hours when I finally got my hands on the OST. Here's a medley of my favourite parts of them. Orchestrated, with.... bwahaha lots of taikos.
mp3 General Submission classical
Final Fantasy X & Final Fantasy X-2 - Unspoken Dreams
Artist's Comments:Just by listening to the sound-tracks of Final Fantasy X and X-2, you can tell the difference between X (which had Nobuo Uematsu on it) and X-2 (which didn't). But if you look enough, you can also see the impact he had on the new composers for SquareEnix. This is an arrangement of "Someday the dream will end" (FFX) and "1000 Words" (FFX-2). I found them to blend fairly well together and I've wanted to arrange both of them since I heard them in-game. This isn't one of my most glamorous releases, there wasn't really an emotional drive to do it, but none-the-less, it's my interpretation of these themes.
mp3 General Submission piano

> A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a song speaks novels.

Well, I kept one of my promises for this week. I gave you all a timely update, something that hopefully will continue to happen. On the other hand, I don't have a working archive for you all. I was a little overconfident in my abilities and the CGI script for the archive decided to teach me a lesson. I will be consulting with higher powers regarding the situation, and I should have something for you soon. And by soon, I mean the end of the month if it kills me.

This week, we have two submissions from two very prestigious remixers, Darangen and Reuben Kee. Both were high ranking submitters in Sonic Revolution and their works seem to only get better with each passing remix. Reuben gives us his take on the themes from the final battle of Final Fantasy VIII, while Darangen gives us music from both chapters of Final Fantasy X. Another interesting point I found about these mixes is that they both put their respective composers on different instruments then they are most known for. Rueben is best known for his amazing piano works and Darangen for his fantastic guitar capabilities, yet the are also masters of other instrument varieties and these mixes prove that.

With not much else to say, I am off to prepare myself for tomorrow's's Irish festivities. Not only is it a holiday that runs in my blood (at least, I'm part Irish) but it is also my friend Tom's 21 birthday. Forcast: Mischief, of that you can be sure. I look forward to submissions, hopefully someone will step up the the challenge I left for you all last week, that being to remix music from a X-box or PC rpg. I myself am working on a piece for the challenge, from a game I really enjoy. I hope to share it with you next week. Until then, take care.

Matt 'barieuph' Russo
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