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Renegade Maids February 16, 2005

Kingdom Hearts - A Symphonic Dream
Artist Comments: This is my first arrangement for large symphony orchestra and my first real sequenced song. In the first place I wrote it for my percussion group in Holland. But sequencing percussion is very hard for me at the moment. So I rearranged it for symphony orchestra. I used a couple of themes from the first section of the game. Telling more or less the story of Sora getting involved in the grand story. Have fun listening and I hope you all like it.
mp3 General Submission. classical
Matthew 'Barieuph' Russo
Final Fantasy VI - Terra in Three
Artist Comments: From one of my favorite RPGs, my first remix as staff. Terra in 3/4 time for all you music nerds out there. Stay tuned definatly for more exciting mixes.
mp3 Staff Submission. classical

> A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a song speaks novels.

I like any other person, understand that we don't always want to follow by the rules. But when you're being paid, you usually should follow the rules, well at least that's what I think. However, when a human doesn't follow the rules and you directly suffer from it, that's when you just have to let it loose and go beserk. This past weekend I left a very important, very expensive textbook of mine in a hotel room. Lo and behold the maid decided it that the book was doomed for the dumpster. Upon returning to the hotel, we were told that all items were placed in a bag with the room number on it when recovered. As of 10:34 EST 15 Feb 2005, we have still not recovered the textbook. What does this prove to you all? Its quite simple, we need more movies with maids with a vengence.

Enough of my rambling, onto the important stuff. As you know may have guessed, Matt is busy coordinating everything for the end of Sonic Revolution, so while I bring you today's update, look to friday for Matt to post the results of the competition. This week we have two submissions, one from TheNelis, a very exciting arrangement of some Kingdom Hearts tunes. He does a fantasic job of weaving various melodies together. More of that in the upcoming FAQs & Tutorials! Give it a listen, it may be long but its worth every second. Also we have a submission from yours truly. Terra in 3 is a slightly short grandious arrangment for String Orchestra. This is the first of my remixes to go up as staff. Give it a listen.

Finally the last thing I would like to talk about again is the FAQs. In order to make a FAQ we need your questions. So anyone, anyone at all who is interested in getting started in the remixing process, or is having some trouble, or just has a question, do not hesitate to ask. Simply send an email to Matt and Myself. This will help us begin to begin compiling the FAQs. As for now, continue to send in your remixes and arrangements.

Matt 'barieuph' Russo

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