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Piano in the Key of Shoe February 2, 2005

NeoS - Angel of Death
Artist Comments: It's for the fans of FF7 and Sephiroth. And because i like hardhouse. :)
mp3 trance Sonic Revolution Submission.
Dennis Natal - Undersea Palace(DarkWaveMix)
Artist Comments:I am submitting a remix to the song "Undersea Palace" from the SNES rpg Chrono Trigger. I was always a fan of this song from the game and wanted to try my hand at reinterpreting the song through my ears.
mp3 trance Sonic Revolution Submission. First Time Remixer.
Jeremy Robson - Chronoscapes
Artist Comments: When I decided to do a Chrono Trigger arrangement I wanted to arrange something that captured the overall tone of Mitsuda's soundtrack. The only problem was that it never seemed like something that suggested grand orchestral fare, or any of my other "prerequisites". To me, the music has always sounded rather reserved in its melody and harmony, possibly rooted in more jazz-like idioms, and it rarely sought to dramatize things the old-fashioned way. With this in mind, I began my arrangement with a plaintive-sounding organ solo based on the cathedral music. From there on the music moves in and out of several ideas, while still trying to keep the somber feel.
mp3 classical Sonic Revolution Submission.

> A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a song speaks novels.

Musicians, as a people, are in general, very odd characters. I base this off my experiences working with various other musicians and based on what I see at school. For example, as I sat in my music theory class, with my feet up on a chair, someone decided to pull my shoe off. Not all that weird, but since the teacher was out of the room, a class discussion broke out on what to do with my shoe. It was decided on that my shoe would fit best sitting inside the upright piano that the teacher uses to demonstrate musical principles to us. And so, the teacher came into the room, and class was as normal. Until of course, he was standing by the piano and happened to open the lid on a whim, and lo, my shoe was found. A hearty laugh was had, and the teacher threw my shoe at me, and education resumed.

I do not exempt myself from the odd characterization I have bestowed upon musicians. The fact of the matter is that I am just as eccentric as the next guy, if not more. This week, it's because I spend a night at work only referring to myself and my coworkers by their proper names. We confused a lot of customers between 10 pm and 1 am. It was a fun night.

With my personal thoughts out of the way, I bring you to more pressing matters. This week, we see 3 submissions coming to us, all of which are Sonic Revolution submissions. As much as I would like to speak at length about these, I must refrain from and particular commentary, to avoid compromising my seat as a judge for the contest. What I do have to say is that all the submissions so far have been absolutely top notch. Its good to see people really putting their best piano/synth/ear forward with their submissions. I hope to see a lot more submissions in the next few days as the contest draws to a close. In fact, as I post this, I see another submission in my mailbox. Gee it feels good to know there is already material ready for next week.

Another thing I would like to bring up is a look into the future, as barieuph and I have been discussing it. After the contest, there will be some new changes/features being slowly implemented to the site. The first thing we plan to introduce are remixing tutorials/guides/faqs. As a long time listener who didn't really get into the game remix community until recently, I can say for a fact that it is very daunting to take the plunge. That is why I implemented the amateur prize for Sonic Revolution and that is why we will be bringing you these guides in the future. What Matt and I would like to ask, is that if anyone has anything in particular that they would like to see us cover, or specific questions for an all purpose FAQ, sent them to us. It would be a great boon to us to know what our listeners want to hear us talk about.

One last thing before you go though. I want to extend a special thank you to Jeff Walker(CainEJW) who labored long and hard working on the new sound test you see before you. Thanks a lot Jeff!

That concludes this week in Sound Test. Please continue to send in your competition submissions. Both Barieuph and I will be in Sound Test's IRC channel #operahouse as often as possible if you need any help getting started, or if you have any questions. Remember, the competition deadline is Monday, February 7 at 11:59PM EST, so if you haven't started, get to work!

Matt 'barieuph' Russo
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