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Avalanche February 9, 2005

Final Fantasy - Warriors of Light
Artist Comments: I've been wanting to arrange this song for a long time, and this contest finally got me off my butt to do it :) Nostalgia, yeah... I've always loved this tune, since I was 5 years old with my NES and Final Fantasy. So here it is, my take on the Temple of Fiends/Underwater Palace theme from FF1.
mp3 Sonic Revolution Submission. rock
Reuben Kee
Final Fantasy VII - Sephroth Absolute
Artist Comments: I've always loved how the Sephiroth and Jenova themes sounded so evil and badass. I tried to show these themes in different perspectives, and tried to make this piece a little disturbing. This was done on 4 pianos, live performances on all lines.
mp3 Sonic Revolution Submission. piano
Final Fantasy Tactics - Please Remember This
Artist Comments: An arrangement of the Load/Save screen from FFT. This is yet another attempt at a remix concept I had back in 2000; one which I still don't feel I've done true justice to (mainly due to the Sonic Revolution deadline sneaking up on me - also, because of this, the mastering is non-existent and the song is almost completely absent of nuance)... last time it was done in my arrangement 'memories' as a cheesy 80s ending theme; this time it's cheesy early 90s quasi-RnB. Enjoy?
mp3 Sonic Revolution Submission. trance
Tom Plets
Final Fantasy XI - Kazham
Artist Comments: This remix was made on rather short notice due to the fact I had to get to level 70 in FFXI (first things first!). The remix is basically variations on the somewhat short theme so it was difficult not to make it sound too repetitive. However, with the instrument variations and rhythm changes it turned out pretty well.
mp3 Sonic Revolution Submission. classical
Final Fantasy IX - RainintheMarshes
Artist Comments: I originally tracked this around three years ago, and never ended up doing anything with it. I decided I'd fix it up and try submitting it for the Sonic Revolution competition. It's more of an orchestration than a remix, but hopefully it's fit for this contest; if not, at least it's not just sitting on my hard drive collecting dust anymore."
mp3 Sonic Revolution Submission. classical
Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask - Royal Inquiry
Artist Comments: I really enjoyed the melody of the Deku Palace. I've tried my hand at remixing Majora's Mask before, even this particular song, but hadn't gotten it quite right. So I retried it when I heard of the contest. Used some refined effect tweaking I've picked up. Full of bouncy Synths, Strings, Break Beat-ish drums. Very High energy. Yeah.
mp3 Sonic Revolution Submission. trance
Mark Roethke
Final Fantasy 5 - Battle Themey
Artist Comments: ff5 rock your mom's face off version via my sacred guitar Rockscaliber! Uhh yeah, solos and fun guitar lickage-- I'll let it speak for itself i guess!
mp3 Sonic Revolution Submission. rock
Golden Sun 2 - Falling Embers
Artist Comments: The theme of this work is the fire tribe of Golden Sun 2. This is the first remix I've ever made, although I've been a musician for quite some time now. (Yes, that is my own voice.) It was fun to make, and I hope you'll enjoy listening to it as well.
mp3 Sonic Revolution Submission. First Time Remixer. classical
Kevin Stephens
Final Fantasy - Sailing in the Air
Artist Comments: This is the airship theme from Final Fantasy I. I tried to do it in a couple of different styles, but thanks to my laziness coupled with my desire to enter Sonic Revolution, it's very short and hardly changes styles at all. Still, I'm pretty fond of it. Hooray.
mp3 Sonic Revolution Submission. piano
Suikoden 2 - Carnivorous Carnival
Artist Comments: Originally when I heard about this compo, I was going to remix earthbound, but then I found out that I had only 5 days to submit so I decided to go ahead and start a suikoden 2 mix using FL 5. At first I was going to Remix everyday is a carnival, Gothic Neclord and those who work must eat... a nice little set of vampiric carniverous carnivation that was not to be. I started running short of time so I focused on the very strong neclord, and suspicion motif I had going throughout.
mp3 Sonic Revolution Submission. trance
Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time - Saria's Lullaby
Artist Comments: I don't have very much time to say stuff about the song, because I'm trying to get this submitted as fast as possible. The song was done with FruityLoops and live piano/keyboard. Umm, that's about it.
mp3 Sonic Revolution Submission. First Time Remixer. trance

> A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a song speaks novels.

Well, if you've made it down here to my babbling, congradulations. I hope you've already taken a listen to the submissions today, which total to a record high 12 submissions. It was an avalanche of submissions I recieved on monday, the final day for competitions submissions. The submissision total came to 17, which can all be seen over at the contest main page.

This week was a very good week for Sound test to see fresh faces in addition to regulars from this site and from other major remix sites, and remixes for games that are long past due for some musical love. First, I would like to extend a warm welcome to Chagall, The Cat Physician. Also, in addition to being a first time submitter, Chagall brings RPGamer its first Golden Sun 2 remix.

Not much to say this week, I think I'll let the music speak for itself. The judging for Sonic Revolution is already underway and I can say that its not easy. I've been listening to all the submissions non stop and have started to right down comments and numbers. The final results will be posted next friday in a special update of sound test, dedicated to just Sonic Revolution. But don't forget, just because the competition is over, don't stop sending submissions. I hope to still have a bountiful regular update next week. Until then, I bid you all a fond farewell, and remind you to keep listening to the music.

Matt 'barieuph' Russo
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