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Memories March 2, 2005

The Bard's Sorrow
Curator's Comments: This piece was the winner of the last music competition held here at RPGamer, the 'Variations' contest. Held 3 years ago, this contest was to arrange a piece from a Final Fantasy game. The judgements were very close, and Trptcox here pulled out a victory by one point.
midi Classic : Variations Competition Winner. classical
Lionel Pinoteau
Nostalgic Melodies
Curator's Comments: Here we have the winner of what was probally the most involved music competition held at RPGamer, the 'Audible Vortex' Competition. The contest, held back in the days of yore (ok, it was 2001) was to remix a piece using multiple pieces of source material to form a compelation melody. Looking back, the score differential between first, second and third places is EXACTLY the same as Sonic Revolution. Eerie.
mp3 Classic : Audible Vortex Competition Winner. classical

> A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a song speaks novels.

Memories are great things. They allow us to remember our pasts for better or for worse. To look back fondly on the good times, and to keep in mind our errors so we do not repeat them. My memory is unfortunately very unstable, especially when it comes to taking Japanese exams and me forgetting everything I studied for 3 hours before hand.

But as I mentioned some memories are good. To reflect that idea, I decided to post as today's submissions, the winners of RPGamer's previous music competitions, Variations and Audible Vortex. These pieces are among the many gems that exist in the music archives of this site. Hence, I will be working very hard over the next few weeks to get a useable archive available to you.

Also, on the subject of memories, it seems that no one remembered to send in submissions for this week. This isn't really a good thing. For the music section to thrive and prosper, I need to get submissions, and not only during contests. I encourage anyone who has work they want to submit to do so. Whether its something you just worked up and are unsure about, or something a piece you created years ago and would like to reintroduce to the world, as long as it is RPG music, I'm happy to post it.

With all that said, I will close today's column with a simple favor; send some comments, suggestions, questions, and/or submissions. I have yet to receive any questions for a FAQ, which makes Barieuphs work toward creating one very hard, so I am sure he would like some. Myself, I want submissions. I hunger for them. Feed me please.

Matt 'barieuph' Russo
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