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Seeing the Light March 30, 2005

Haroon Piricha
Final Fantasy VI - Relm Electronica
Artist's Comments:I'm very thankful this song is finally finished. I have been editing this song for the last 2 years! I totally changed the chord progression on the Relm theme. it was alot fo hard work. I also added vocals to this song. I borrowed a couple of vox from "Kami no Yurikago FF6 Relms Theme".
mp3 General Submission trance
Soul of Bass
Final Fantasy - Eyes on Me
Artist's Comments:Eyes on Me, originally on the Final Fantasy VIII sountrack, performed by Soul of Bass
midi General Submission rock
Lufia 2: Rise of the Sinistrals - Oracle of Sorrow
Artist's Comments:I've been meaning to re-arrange this theme for like... ever? Yeah, that's about right. I <3 Lufia :) I'm not really sure what inspired me to use this theme, but I pretty much just sat down and said "I'm going to re-arrange this theme", then started. A few days later, this was the result. I was trying to make an arrangement with guitar, but not having guitar as the main instrument. I don't know how successful I was with that, but that's what I was trying to do."
mp3 General Submission rock

> A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a song speaks novels.

And when I say seeing the light, that isn't nessecarily a good thing. See, I saw the light this past friday, the light being her PSP. Well, after playing it for all of 10 seconds, I knew I must have it. And being that said friend is the manager of 'a game store', she was able to get me one of these gifts from above. I didn't want one. I didn't want to spend that kind of money. Unfortunatly, I have no willpower.

Along with the PSP, I picked up Lumines for it. They were out of Untold Legends, so I only got one game, Lumines. Well, this game is a puzzle game and its rather addicting. As in stay up till 4am playing for 5 hrs straight addicting. If you happen to get a PSP, make sure you get this game. You need it, wheither you know it or not. But, I digress. You aren't here to here me sing praises of Lumines. You are here for music, and music you shall get.

This week, we have three selections representing three very different stylistic approaches to remixing. The first mix, by Haroon Piricha, is a very interesting house mix of Relm's theme from Final Fantasy 6. Taking a tune that is generally admired for being soothing and changing it to a high energy electronica mix is not easy, but Haroon does a good job with it. Our second mix brings us an acoustic rock ballad version of Eyes on Me, curtousy of Soul of Bass. This mix reminds me of a 60s/70s style pop rock tune, very orignal. Our final mix comes from Sound Tests most frequent submitter, Darangen. Darangen brings us another composition of his from Lufia 2, and it is another golden work. I can't help but be a bit of a fanboy of his, as he does such a tremendous job no matter what direction he takes with his instrumentation.

Bringing this week to a close, I have to note that with only 1 day left in the month, I have only recieved one attempt at the challege on remixing a PC/X-box RPG tune. Looks like last week's entry by Salivator will be netting him a fabulous grand prize. But if you would like to challenge his victory, you have until the end of the month to get a mix in. For next month, I have new ideas planned for a challenge/competition, but you will have to wait 7 more days to find out. That is, if I can pull myself away from the glowing blocks that create lumines to be back here.

Willpower. Thats what I need. Willpower and Submissions.

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