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Surrounded. April 13, 2005

Seth Brown
Front Mission 2 - Impatience
Artist's Comments:Right now I am such a Masashi Hamauzu fanboy that's it not even funny. This submission is an arrangement of a boss theme from Front Mission 2, with a little help from Yasunori Mitsuda.
midi General Submission classical
Legend of Zelda : A Link to the Past - Sixty Feet Under
Artist's Comments:This is an interpretation of the Light World Dungeon theme from Zelda 3; ironically I was going to make a radio edit out of the VGMix version, but given that Matt asked me so kindly I'll save that for elsewhere. :) This has made a dive towards more ambient/chilled territory, providing what can be best described as 'the result of a possible crossover between McVaffe and Children of the Monkey Machine' if anything. Hope you like it!
mp3 General Submission modern

> A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a song speaks novels.

Sound is really an interesting phenomon, if your really study it and understand it works. Equaly amazing is the human perception of sound. We experiance auditorial sensation from so many different things, and from so many different directions. So the question is, if during our every day lives, we experiance sound from all directions, why do we listen to music that only comes from two sources?

What I'm driving at is that surround sound is amazing. Music mixed in surround is some of the best quality work you will likely have ever listened to. Even when you aren't using the gimmicky approach of having certain random sounds come out from a certain speaker, you still get a much more open sensation from the mix in a 5.1 or better setup. The studio at my school just got a 5.1 mix setup put in, and I'm chomping at the bit to mix, or to compose in surround. The madness I could cause. Mwahaha.

Well, back in the stereo realm, we have two new mixes for you this week. The first is a mix from squaresofts Front Mission series. Having never played the series, I can't say I recognize the tune, but I do know quality work when I hear it, and this is quality. Remix number two comes from the ever incredible goddess of the remix review, Rexy. An interesting and enjoyable take on dungeon music from Legend of Zelda : A Link to the Past 3. I commend Rexy on her combination of stylitic attributes to make a very original mix.

Before I go, I just want to let everyone know I will be doing updates on Tuesdays from now on. Wednesdays are brutal, and I don't think having your music a day early is going to bother anyone. That said, competition details are in the works, the archives have been handed over to a proffesional, because thats not my jive, and you should have a good music filled week. Until tuesday, take care all.

And sorry again for being late. Seems Lumines and school beat the RPGamer staff this week, since I am one of many to be late.

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