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Finality May 10, 2005

Final Fantasy VIII - Moon Over Rinoa
Artist's Comments: I've really loved this song for a long time, but never had a real reason to remix until this competition came along. :)
mp3 Splendid Performance Submission classical
Christian Pacaud
Baldur's Gate - Child of the Murder God
Artist's Comments: I've always wanted to arrange this one... Tried a couple of times, but I never had anything remotely good come out of it. This competition was the perfect opportunity to try my hand at it again and I think this time it resulted in something good enough to be submitted.
mp3 Splendid Performance Submission classical
Josh Brown
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - Dracula's Theme
Artist's Comments: Well... here it is. I basically converted the actual theme to a .midi and reconverted all the non-percussion instruments to the Piano. Then I reconverted it and the rest is in the file. :-)
mp3 General Submission classical

> A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a song speaks novels.

So I'm smack dab in the middle of my favorite time of the year. That's right, finals week at school! Mostly done, only my japanese final left to go, and I am so drained I almost just don't care about it anymore. Probably like you don't care to here me whine about my finals anymore. So, that said, on to the music.

Another three mix week again, much to my delight. And again this week its all piano or piano based. First up is Bladiator with his piano waltz take on, well, a waltz. Very interesting composition, but I must save my comments for the first round results. Following up to that is another familiar face, Christian Pacaud, who brings the all elusive PC rpg mix, coming from Baldur's Gate. Always good to have more PC mixes, as they are so neglected. Finishing out the group is a submission from a new face(at least, new to me), Josh Brown, bringing us a piano arrangement of the main theme from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. I really have to say I enjoyed your submission and I hope you submit more in the future.

An additional thing I want to mention is an addition to the bar over on the right hand side of your screen. Along with the normal pervious update log, competition status and whatnot, there is a link to a RPG internet radio site. If you stop on over, there are two different streams to hook up to, and on these streams you will find some very familiar tunes straight out of many of your favorite RPGs. I find myself tuning into the channels alot and hope that you find the RPG radio as great a station as I do. In the future, RPG Radio may be hosting some arrangements from over here and other remix sites, so be sure to tune and and listen for some of your favorite tunes from here popping up over sometime soon.

Anyhow I hope everyone really enjoyed this weeks update because it may come to pass that there is no update next week. Sorrowful as it may be, the entire staff here is going to be in full E3 swing, myself included. While I will try to get at least some semblance of an update up, if you don't find one, fear not, I am still alive. What this will mean is that the following week will be huge, hopefully saturated to the brim with contest entries (Due in by May 23) and other submissions. Anyhow just stop by next week, and I will cross my fingers that I can get something up for my loyal minions... err, listeners.


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